What's New at TheCityFix DC

If you haven’t been following dc.thecityfix.com, our new local edition for Washington, D.C., here are some highlights. Hopefully you’ll like what you see and become a regular reader over there, too!

D.C.’s “State of the Air”: F: D.C. fails the national air pollution report card. Why is D.C. air so bad and what can be done about it?

DC Density: Bigger, Broader, or Faster?: Should D.C. lift its height restriction? A summary of the debate and my position: that we should lift the ban outside of downtown to build up density the fastest.

BRT vs. Light Rail for the Purple Line and Purple Line BRT vs. LRT, Round 2: A more local story about a proposed circumferential transit line around the city and whether light rail or bus rapid transit makes more sense for the route.

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