The Wireless on The Bus Makes The Wheels Go Round and Round


There’s wifi on this bus! Photo by RACINGMIX

Transit with wireless is an incredibly attractive way to travel. And apparently AC Transit, a regional bus agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, agrees, providing wireless internet on all their buses crossing the San Francisco Bay.

leeonbus.jpgYesterday I had an action packed day of transit; I took BART from North Berkeley to Union City, then hopped on a bus with wireless that crosses the Dumbarton Bridge to Palo Alto, or so I thought. When I realized I was on the wrong bus, and figured out that there were no more buses coming, I had no other option but to take a cab.

Fortunately that afternoon I got on the right bus, an AC transit Transbay bus with very fast wireless, and fast service too: it took me just 38 minutes back to Union City!


Using my wireless on a Lufthansa flight.

I have now used wireless in the air, on a bus, in a car, and on rail. If you’re like me, and you like staying connected, wireless on mass transit is the way to go. It’s also a nice perk for people who might otherwise consider driving in private car to get to their desired destination.

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