Driver's Eye View of Transantiago

Driver’s Eye View of Transantiago from EMBARQ Network on Vimeo.

A few months ago here on I posted a video offering a “driver’s eye view” of Istanbul’s new BRT system – Metrobus. Today I thought I would show a similar clip (see above) that I took of Transantiago’s new dedicated bus lanes. The video should give you a first-hand look of how another innovative (though controversial) urban transport project operates.

Watching the short film, you can clearly see that the central four lanes of this busy thoroughfare are restricted to bus traffic. Private cars and other vehicles are kept to the outside lanes of the street, and separated from the busway by a fence and a freshly-planted row of trees (which will eventually green up this admittedly drab route). Bus stops are located in the middle of this divider, keeping buses and bus passengers completely isolated from car traffic.

Stay tuned for a photo essay on Transantiago’s efforts to overcome the logistical chaos and political turmoil that dominated its launch.

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