A Conversation About India's Smart Cities: CONNECTKaro 2015 in Tweets
CONNECTKaro 2015 Tweets

At this year’s CONNECTKaro conference, participants discussed a range of topics pertinent to sustainable urban development in India–including smart cities, buses, women’s safety, and safe access to mass transit. Photo by Johann/Flickr.

From April 15 – 16, 2015 over 300 experts—including government officials, policy makers, urban planners, and transport practitioners—participated in a global conversation about Smart Cities at CONNECTKaro 2015. The conference was hosted by EMBARQ India in New Delhi, and key speakers included Nitin Gadkari (India’s Minister for Road Transport and Highways), Marcio Lacerda (Mayor of Belo Horizonte, Brasil), Manish Sisodia (Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister), Jeff Olson (Director of Alta Planning), and Suresh Prabhu (India’s Minister for Railways).  Here are some of the top tweets, quotes, and discussions that came from the conference’s panelists and participants.

The opening session at #CK2015 discussed the role of smart cities for moving India forward:

Participants at CONNECTKaro also explored  land management strategies for smart development: retrofits, redevelopment, and green-field development:




The session on smart mobility discussed how new technologies can enhance citizens’ mobility experience—from modelling and engineering, to design and planning:




“Stories to Watch from Around the World” brought together global experts who shared experiences from their respective countries and discussed the key challenges facing India:

And a session on transit-oriented development (TOD) focused on the opportunities and challenges of implementing TOD in Indian cities:

Participants examined potential solutions that Indian cities can use to address women’s safety in public transport:

EMBARQ India introduced 5 examples of how emerging businesses are innovating urban mobility. Entrepreneurs from Traffline, Zoomcar, Alta Planning + Design, and Personal Air Quality Systems Pvt. Ltd. presented:

Representatives from Raahgiri Day and Equal Streets sat on the panel about India’s open streets movement:

“Better Growth, Better Climate”discussed how India can benefit from global climate and development platforms, leveraging the smart cities initiative to attract funding and grow sustainably:




The Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC) was launched in December 2014. A session at the conference discussed case studies and focused on the complexities of applying the GPC:

An interactive workshop engaged with participants about how to plan, design, develop, and maintain safe access to and around mass transit stations:

Mr. Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Delhi, talked about the short, medium, and long-term strategies for urban and transport development in Delhi:

“Bus Karo” focused on the challenges to improving bus service in Indian cities:

Another session covered the ways that developers can look at energy-usage patterns within communities to make cities more sustainable and equitable:



In light of the growing number of road fatalities across Indian cities, a session on road safety focused on how we can adopt a sound design principles for road safety:



A workshop on parking addressed urgent need to combat on-street parking through strong institutional and enforcement mechanisms, and off- street parking through building regulations:

To learn more about the conference, speakers, and sessions, click here.

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