Friday Fun: Eating Like a Local Made Easy With Three Street Food Apps

Street food in Singapore. Photo by Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen/Flickr.

When venturing to foreign cities, generations of adventurous travelers have always been seeking out new ways to find authentic, local cuisine. Street food, ready-to-eat foods and beverages prepared and sold by vendors, are found in cities large and small across the world. From roasted chicken served on sticks on the streets of bustling Kampala, Uganda to spicy, seasoned currywurst hidden in Berlin’s corner shops, street food gives travelers the chance to get out of their comfort zones and to eat like a local.

Finding the best street food isn’t always easy when traveling to a new city, but three apps are making it easier for both locals and travelers to find the best street food. Beyond helping users find their next meal, these mobile applications are helping vendors increase revenues and their customer base—creating opportunities for businesses in the local economy.

Street Food Bangkok

Bangkok is known to tourists and locals as the street food capital of the world. However, the best street food vendors are often hidden throughout the winding alleys and hidden crooks of the city, making it difficult for someone to stumble upon some of the most delicious and authentic Thai dishes. The Bangkok Street Food App was launched in September 2015 by the Thailand Foundation, a unit of Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The app includes information on street food from 120 shops and stalls, covering 25 different types of locally famous dishes. The downloadable app is linked with Google Maps, which gives clear directions and distances from a user’s location to the shops and stalls. Directions are made available in English and Thai if they choose to travel via taxis or other modes of public transport.


Available throughout virtually all of India, street food allows visitors to experience authentically delicious Indian food staples. From the savory and famous Indian street food staple, chaat, to the equally good fried samosas, Indian street food is enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Finding the best vendor became easier with the STREET SAATHI mobile app, which launched in March 2015 and connects users both foreign and local to connect with the local economy. The app details the location local street sellers and gives users directions on how to reach them. The listings are diverse, from full meals to local sweets, beverages and fruit sellers.

British St. Food

While England might be better known for its historic sites and beautiful landscapes than its culinary tradition, the British food app British St. Food is working to not only change the perception of the British food scene but also build a bigger and stronger street food community throughout the country. Launched in September 2009 and available in cities like London, Liverpool and Dorchester, the food app connects locals and tourists to fresh, cheap and delicious local dishes. From authentically British fish and chips to deliciously marinated kebabs, the app showcases the best street food in Britain and gives visitors and locals the chance to not only find food but also support local businesses. With live GPS maps showing who’s trading where and when, the app details the specials of the best traders, and encourages users to photograph – and review – their food.

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